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Great little app

Easy to use and all the phrases you need for quick learning of basics. Not got through the entire app yet but looking forward to it.

Very cool app

Its awesome

Great For Starting Out

Mostly just vocabulary, but is still really helpful

Great app and its free

No issues so far, and its easy to use


Great app to learn the basics!


Its ok but keeps crashing and sound doesnt work sometimes which is the main component


Amazing it helped me and my family learn new words sentences and more. It is a fantastic app to use especially when you need it I would definitely recommend it to everybody!!

Easy to use

Great learning tool for basic Italian. Lots is easy exercises to help gain a better learning of basic Italian

Great app

I really like this app. Great format. It makes me want to practice more.

Easy to use and learn basis Italian

Would recommend it as a good tool for learning basic Italian.

Its ok for words

Basic sentences would be nice to learn. Also when spelling the words I think having a keyboard format would be better, than finding letters that are scrambled. When we write these words in real life on a computer itll be wi a keyboard. Just a thought. Thank you :)


Awesome! Learned tons in just 3 days! You can pick your learning style!


Very very good


This is what I need!!!!

Has useful features!

Also contains spelling checks

very helpful!!!

2 minutes in

Asked for a review 2 minutes into it. Check back later.

Incredible!!! WORKS SO WELL!!!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! This app really works. I couldnt believe it but it is legit. I speak Italian now!!!!

Nice App

Great app but could use a search feature of some sort

An easy to use App

This is an easy to use and helps with quick mastery of basic phraseology

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